Angry youth beat elderly man for saying he will vote for Bawumia

An elderly man who is believed to be in his early sixties is seen in a video being beaten by an angry youth for declaring his support for Dr. Bawumia in the upcoming elections.

Majority of politicians and those who support them have prepared to use every in tactics possible to win the general elections in 2024. Supporters of Ghana’s two biggest political parties have been using their social media profiles to promote their presidential candidates for a while now. 

People can freely express their support for any presidential candidate they believe is qualified to lead Ghana’s affairs since they enjoy freedom of association and democracy.

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But a video that has garnered a lot of attention and harsh criticism on social media shows the precise moment when a group of young people chose to physically attack an older guy.

The youth in the video decided to give the old man who openly declared he would vote for Dr. Bawumia in the upcoming elections some serious hits and slaps because they think he is a bad vice president and shouldn’t be given the chance to run for president. The old man would have suffered serious injury if the trotro driver hadn’t intervened quickly and driven off.

The video was first shared on X, formerly Twitter, by @I_Am_winter with the caption; “The youths started beating someone’s father in a trotro because he said he’ll vote NPP again”

Watch the video below:

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