2.8 magnitude earth tremor felt in some areas of Accra

Some locations in Accra felt a little earth tremor today (Friday, March 10, 2023).

According to a press release from the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA), the earthquake that happened at 9.40 am had a Richter scale magnitude of 2.8. Areas of Accra Central that felt the tremor included the High Street, Ridge, and Graphic Road.

The release from the GGSA, which was signed by Isaac Kuuwan Mwinbelle, acting director-general, stated that the epicentre was 1.5 kilometres offshore near James Town in the Greater Accra Region.

2.8 magnitude earth tremor felt in some areas of Accra

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“The magnitude that was observed serves as a proxy for the tremor’s size. Although the earth tremor is small, damage is not anticipated to result from it “.

The GGSA asked the people to maintain calm and carry on with their regular activities in a release, stating that the event was a natural phenomenon and hence difficult to forecast.

To maintain public safety and reduce danger, “The Authority is committed to regularly monitoring these incidents and providing the public with accurate information.

The Authority is currently working to educate and sensitise the public on awareness and how to respond to earth earthquakes.

Check press release below;

2.8 magnitude earth tremor felt in some areas of Accra

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