World Bank suspends fresh loans to Uganda due to its anti-LGBT law

The World Bank claims that a new anti-gay law conflicts with its basic values and that as a result, it is stopping fresh financing to Uganda.

In Uganda, homosexual actions were already prohibited, but as of May 1st, anyone found guilty might now receive a life sentence.

All Ugandans, without exception, will receive assistance from the World Bank to “escape poverty, access essential services, and improve their lives,” according to the bank.

Uganda criticized the World Bank’s action as being unfair and contradictory.

Its envoy to the UN referred to the action as being “draconian”.

Ambassador Adonia Ayebare stated in a tweet that it was time to reconsider the World Bank’s operational procedures and board decisions.

According to the Anti-Homosexuality Law, there is a death penalty for so-called “aggravated cases,” which include having gay intercourse with a person who is younger than 18 or having HIV infection.

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The World Bank said in a statement on Tuesday that the law “fundamentally contradicts the World Bank Group’s values” after sending a team to Uganda in May.

It stated that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, is included in its vision.

The World Bank thus declared that “no new public financing to Uganda will be presented to our Board of Executive Directors” until an evaluation of the effectiveness of fresh initiatives put out in the framework of the new legislation.

Okello Oryem, Uganda’s state minister for international affairs, questioned the decision’s coherence in light of other nations’ actions in reaction to the World Bank’s decision.

According to the Reuters news agency, “There are many Middle Eastern countries who do not tolerate homosexuals, they actually hang and execute homosexuals.”

“Many states in the US have implemented legislation that either forbids or restricts gay activity… Why therefore single out Uganda?

Campaign organizations in Uganda have filed a lawsuit to have the law struck down because they believe it to be discriminatory and to violate the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

However, a start date for the hearings is still pending.

In addition to the US, the World Bank has imposed penalties on Uganda because of its anti-homosexuality law.

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