We intreat teachers to prioritize their own growth – Municipal Education Director

The Ablekuma North Municipal Education Directorate held its School Performance Appraisal Meeting (SPAM) and urged teachers to uphold the importance of continuously developing their teaching techniques.

Teachers have also been asked to view themselves as the hub around which the municipality’s success stories in education revolve, which calls for the pursuit of ongoing professional development.

At the SPAM event, which the Directorate organized and was held at Odorkor in Accra, Mr. Ebenezer Perry Ofori, the Ablekuma North Municipal Education Director, made the announcement.

The “Accounting to the Director” process, in which headteachers were required to identify personal goals for which they would be held accountable, was used to hold the SPAM together. This is done to guarantee that schools produce excellent teaching and learning results.

The purpose of the meeting was to assess how well schools performed on the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and provide financial information to the municipal director for the preceding academic year.

Saleria Cluster, Odorkor Maclean Cluster, Kwashieman Cluster, and Prince of Peace Cluster were the four clusters into which the schools were divided.

Parents, PTA executives, School Management Committee executives, Assembly members, officials from the traditional authorities, and opinion leaders were among the stakeholders in the education sector who were there.

Others included teachers, the municipal chief executive, the municipal coordinating director, assembly members, and community leaders. Participants had the chance to discuss their experiences, difficulties, and accomplishments during the event.

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Additionally, it gave schools a place to collaborate and exchange best practices. As a result of the discussions, it was determined that certain schools had performed remarkably well while others had difficulty achieving their goal.

Many school administrators admitted that their teachers lacked the qualifications to provide high-quality instruction, notably in the subjects of math, science, and Ghanaian language.

The discussions also highlighted difficulties faced by the schools, a significant one being the lack of suitable teaching and learning resources in some institutions.

It also turned out that some schools lacked the new curriculum textbooks and other necessary materials for efficient teaching and learning.

Additionally, it was discovered that some of the schools’ performance was seriously hampered by poor furnishings and expensive garbage disposal.

Other issues raised by the school heads included lax security, absenteeism, candidates arriving late to class, thugs frequently barging in to incite violence, and indiscipline, among others.

In his final remarks, Mr. Ofori said that the meeting was effective because it gave participants a chance to assess their performance and pinpoint areas that needed improvement.

He expressed the expectation that the suggestions made at the meeting would be put into action to raise the caliber of instruction in the community.


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