Two adolescents describe encounter with lion after fighting and defeating it

Unexpectedly brave Zimbabwean teenagers, two of whom were herding cattle, successfully repelled a rushing lion using only their hands.

After their life-threatening encounter with the lioness, Khulekani Ndlovu (16) and Njabulo Ncube (17) were able to escape with only minor wounds.

The female lion and its pups assaulted Khulekani when he attempted to defend his cattle from an attack, according to the daily publication The Chronicle.

The lioness’s claws caused serious wounds to the 16-year-left old’s leg. If not for his comrade Njabulo, Khulekani would have been killed.

The lioness was going to attack his friend when the 17-year-old boy managed to frighten it off. Even more amazing, he did it all without using any firearms.

At Victoria Falls Hospital, Khulekani received treatment afterward and was then let go.

Khulekani described his fortunate escape from the lions to the publication, saying,

“Njabulo and I were seated together when we heard a cow bleating from approximately 50 meters distant. We arrived on the scene in time to witness a lion assaulting a cow.

“When we started making noise to frighten it away, the lion turned away from the cow and attacked us. We ran away from it in different directions as it charged at us. After about 50 meters of running, I glanced behind me and noticed the lion making progress. I stumbled and was unable to get up because I felt helpless”.


When Njabulo noticed that his coworker was in trouble, he charged the lioness while screaming loudly and shaking the tree limbs.

Amazingly, the female lion was alarmed and sprinted away.

Later, Njabulo assisted Khulekani, and the two teenagers arrived home safely.

Khulekani was then transported to the hospital by local businessmen Morgen Ncube and Christopher Ndiweni.

The incident evidently startled Ncube, who spoke to the publication saying, “I didn’t believe these two youngsters when they first informed me about the incident until they detailed it to me and I saw the wounds. Njabulo has had similar encounters with lions and has three times defended cows from lion attacks. Personally, I’ve lost two cows. We are pleading with the government to try and safeguard people from these wild animals by setting off grazing pasture for us and driving them to another location”.



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