Time-wasting ball boy Eden Hazard kicked in 2013 has a net worth nearly half that of the player

Charlie Morgan has since become a travelling businessman with a £40 million vodka empire. On January 23, 2013, Charlie Morgan made global news when some sneaky time-wasting manoeuvres at the Liberty Stadium during Chelsea’s League Cup semifinal loss to Swansea went bad. The youngster, Charlie, purposefully did a belly-flop on the ball to thwart Eden Hazard’s attempt to begin play.

The Belgian then tried to kick the ball out from beneath the adolescent but failed and was dismissed as a result.

The brashness displayed by the young entrepreneur that day—who before the game remarked on Twitter that he was “needed for time wasting”—will probably come in handy in his budding entrepreneurial career.

Although Charlie received significant financial assistance from his rich father Martin Morgan, owner of Morgan’s Hotel and director at Swansea City, his AU Vodka brand has grown to become one of the most well-known in the entire globe.

With their bright gold bottles and appealing flavours, they currently sell about 35,000 bottles every single day and count athletic greats Ronaldinho and Floyd Mayweather among their regular customers.

As a result, his projected net worth is around £40 million, or roughly half of Hazard’s (£85 million), but given the success and quick expansion of his company and the likelihood that Hazard’s prime earning years are behind him, it might not be long before he catches his old rival up.

Who has had more success since the kicking incident in 2013, Eden Hazard or Charlie Morgan? Let us know what you think in the comments section below

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