Scholarships available for African teachers to study in Canada

For African teachers who want to study in Canada, there are numerous scholarship options. Check out the ones below:

  • The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Through this initiative, intellectually gifted African students can receive scholarships to study at particular Canadian colleges. Although the majority of the program’s participants are undergraduate and graduate students, there may be ways for teachers to acquire financing through associated networks and projects.

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  • The Canada-Africa Collaboration Scholarships

Many Canadian institutions and colleges are offering these scholarships in an effort to draw students from abroad, particularly teachers from Africa. Scholarships are offered for undergraduate and graduate courses and are given based on academic merit.

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Scholarships available for African teachers to study in Canada

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  • The African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALT) Scholarship Program

Teachers and other professionals employed in public sectors, including education, are eligible for this program. In order to promote and contribute to public sector growth after they return to Africa, it provides scholarships for African students to pursue master’s degrees in Canada.

These are only a few instances; it is advised to look into specific scholarships and programs that are appropriate for African educators interested in studying in Canada. There are scholarships available for African teachers to study in Canada.

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  • The Canada-Africa Research Exchange Grants (CAREG) Program

The program’s objective is to improve academic institutions in Canada and Africa’s research partnerships. It offers financing to enable African researchers—including teachers—to travel to Canada to conduct research.

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