Primary school teacher shows student after falling in love with him

A primary school teacher who proudly introduces her former first-grader as her lover has generated controversy on social media.

The primary school teacher posted a video of herself and her new boyfriend on her TikTok profile while explaining the origins of their relationship.

On Tiktok, the woman goes by the handle @blackbird 01 and posted old pictures of them with the remark, “From primary school teacher to lovers.”

Primary school teacher flaunts student after falling in love with him
Teacher and her teen lover

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She also says, “I groomed him and watched him grow,” beneath the pictures.

The woman has been subject to a lot of criticism for having an affair with a boy who was underage. Yet the unfazed teacher wrote in the comment section of the post, “People be out here hating like it’s a new thing. I am glad I did it, and I have no regrets.

See the video below;

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