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Personal experience: The most embarrassing situation in my life

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Because we are mortals, we will surely have our good and bad days throughout our lifetime. Something really embarrassing happened to me in public and I count it as the most embarrassing moment in my life. Let me share with you how it actually happened on that faithful day.
Early last year around February, I travelled from Kumasi to Tamale to sort out some things in my school. I had this bloated stomach which I perceived it to be acid reflux, but I didn’t care because I was only releasing air. I didn’t bother to do anything about it because I thought I could endure it and sort myself out once I get to Kumasi the same day. I got hungry so I bought bread and malt to eat. I finished eating and my stomach started making some weird noise.

In the bus, I let out a silent fart with a strong odor that distorted the atmosphere of the bus. Other passengers started complaining bitterly and pointing hands at one another, but I wasn’t bothered since I expected them to stop once the odor strews in a few seconds.
The bus kept on moving, but after twenty minutes, the odor was still strong and people still kept on complaining. I later realized that I had shit in my boxers when I farted. The driver stopped and asked everyone to come down for him to find out what was really smelling that bad. Mothers with babies were forced to check whether their babies have pooed.

I quickly used my handkerchief to wipe my wet seat when I stood up, but it didn’t work because flies were around it. From that moment, everyone realized that I was the one. I humbled myself, apologized to everyone before I entered the bust to poo properly and cleaned myself. I bowed my head in shame and I couldn’t utter a word after I came back from the bush and boarded the bus.


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