Man Suffers Huge Loss After Tricycle Loaded with Eggs Crashes

An enormous financial loss is incurred by the business owner when a motorcycle and a freight trike that are transporting egg boxes collide in a viral video.

A user going by the handle @franknailsandmakeup posted the video to the social networking site TikTok.

It is unknown how the accident happened, but the cargo tricycle was spotted flipped over, and the many shattered egg crates it was carrying were scattered across the ground.

Amidst the shattered egg shells, the motorcycle that collided with it was also seen laying on the ground.

People flocked to see the disaster, and several were heard commenting on what a terrible tragedy it was all.

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Check out some of the comments below:

Abu Audrey said: “that’s roughly 600 to 700k 😭😭😭”

user4220162661781 replied: “no bro, they are mine! they are worth 10M😢😢😢”

mummyT 4 real🤣 said: “so sad!! why so carelessness!!! chaiii what will be the solution now?🙏”

PervinCathybae278@@ penned: “eeeee Bambi sorry for the loss”

Sucre_24 wrote: “What if it’s a strategy to dispose off bad eggs at a cost?”

swabulahbntmhd24 said: “but how do u put all those egg’s on aboda boda”

@missy wrote: “when ur village people are following u and promise not to let u go😂😂😂”

Watch the video below:

Video credit: @franknailsandmakeup

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