Man detained for entering homes to tickle people’s anƱs

Imagine falling asleep and then having a random man tickle your bƱtthole in the middle of the night. Unsettling, yes?

Well, maybe not so much for the kinky people. For months, a strange man known as the “Booty Tickler” subjected his victims to this repulsive deed.

The Booty Tickler was a nighttime burglar who went into people’s homes and tickled their anƱses as they slept. When they woke up, he would leave the area.

Man detained for entering homes to tickle people's anƱs
Man detained for entering homes to tickle people’s anƱs

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The fact that all of this man’s victims were men makes his fetish all the more horrifying. However, his reign of ticklish terror came to an end last week when he was finally apprehended by the Police.

The homeless man who was allegedly wearing $4,500 Yeezus brand apparel was detained. We don’t think tickling pays as well as a day job, so he undoubtedly has one.

In Dallas County, the offender is currently being detained without bond.

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