Kuami Eugene receives last warning from Keche for claiming to have written the song “No Dulling” [VIDEO]

According to Kuami Eugene, a significant portion of Keche’s most recent successful song, “No Dulling,” was written by him.

The “Angela” hitmaker claimed in an interview with Delay that crafting the chorus and hook for the song “No Dulling” was a key factor in its success.

Contrary to popular belief, which holds that Keche penned practically the entire song, Kuami Eugene implied that he was the one who wrote the key passages and sung them as well.

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“I composed the entire chorus and hook. I wrote that, so if anyone else claims credit for it, it’s a giant lie. Because they believe they lack talent or are less than others, they are claiming credit for it. Before they got in touch with me, I had already written the hook and everything,” Kuami Eugene said.

Keche, however, has shown his teeth in response to Kuami Eugene’s claim of accomplishment. They quoted from Kuamai Eugene’s speech to explain the situation in its entirety.

Keche has expressed their displeasure over Kuami Eugene claiming something they paid for and worked hard for, even though they haven’t explicitly said whether they wrote the hook and chorus of the song “No Dulling.”

Watch video below;

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