Fumbisi SHS students’ clash leaves many people injured

Following a fight between Fumbisi Senior High School (SHS) final year students in the Builsa South District on Wednesday night, several students were hurt.

According to information collected by, the problems appeared to be racial in nature, and school administrators and security personnel were attempting to stop retaliatory attacks.

According to sources, a house prefect questioned three final-year students on Tuesday about assaulting a first-year student from a different area. The students are said to be from one area. The three students attacked their house prefect, who is from the same family as the first-year student, and beat him for questioning their claimed disorderly behavior.

The first-year student and the house prefect’s racial background infuriated the final-year students who were affected by the incident’s rapid spread throughout the school.

After receiving information that indicated there might be retaliatory attacks by students of the other ethnic background, the school administration sent the three students to the police station for their safety.

The three pupils were suspended after the school’s Disciplinary Committee discussed the matter last Wednesday. On the day, the letters were available, but it was too late to ask the affected students to leave class. The administration then made the choice to give them their letters of suspension the following day.

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Retaliatory assaults

After learning that the three students were still present, the final-year students launched on the attack around 10 p.m., attacking one another until Thursday morning. Fearing for their lives, the female students fled into the dorms to avoid being involved in the altercation. Several students were hurt during the procedure, and two more had their legs broken.

Fumbisi SHS students' clash leaves many people injured

DISEC Meeting

In an interview, Daniel Kwame Gariba, the chief executive of the Builsa South District Assembly, stated that the situation at the school required an urgent gathering of the District Security Committee (DISEC) to make a decision. At the conclusion of the discussions, he observed, it became clear that the problem at the school involved the final-year students. 

“DISEC resolved that all male final-year students be temporarily sent home to maintain law and order in the school,” he said.

Regarding the pupils who had broken legs, he said that the injured students had received immediate medical attention from a bone specialist in Zuarungu, in the Bolgatanga East District.

He continued by saying that the Fumbisi Clinic had treated and released other pupils who had sustained injuries.

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