Easy steps to register and access your Teachers Fund contribution 

The Teachers Fund is a retirement supplement and Solidarity scheme for the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) established by a Trust Deed in May 1998. The Fund started with a monthly deduction of GHC0.10 (¢1.000) as basic contributions from the salary of GNAT members through a check-off system. Now, the basic contribution each member can pay is ghc50.

The objectives of the Fund are to provide retirement supplement to members, to provide lifestyle enhancing facilities to members in the form of loans, to facilitate access to credit purchases, and to engage in property development and real estate activities by way of investment.

Membership is open exclusively to Teachers who are members of GNAT. Interested teachers are, however, expected to sign up as registered members by completing membership registration forms. These forms are available at all district GNAT Secretariats, or they can also use the short code *800# to register. The code *800# is accessible on all networks.

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To register as an unregistered member, 

1.Dial *800# to register 

2.Enter Staff ID

3.Enter passcode 


For teachers who teachers who are already members of the fund and want to check their contributions are to go through the following processes using the same short code *800#. Follow these steps;

1.Check fund ID

2.Check current contribution 

3.Check total contribution 

4.Increase contribution 

5.Request annual statement by Email 

See below a picture containing the steps from the Teachers’ Fund;

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