Date for Local GNAT Conferences announced by GNAT

The Local GNAT Conferences are scheduled to take place in 2023, as announced by GNAT’s leadership.

The Local GNAT Conferences will be held in the months of February and April 2023, it was stated at the GNAT Council meeting.

The Local GNAT Conferences are required, among other things granted under their authority, to make submissions, as stated clearly in the binding legal framework of GNAT.

Below is an excerpt from the GNAT’s governing legal framework that discusses local GNAT conferences in great detail.

The local meeting will:

(5) (a) Gather information from the Basic Units, including reports, resolutions, and matters.

(b) Deliberate on issues that affect all Local Branch members equally as well as other issues that the Association’s Local and District Executives have referred to it.

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(c) Send any ensuing resolutions to the District Conference via the District Executive.

(d) Offer suggestions to the Regional Council for re-delineation of the Local Branch through the relevant District Executive, such as by merger or division.

(e) Choose members of the local executive:

Representatives of basic schools, senior high schools, technical institutions, colleges of education, educational administration, GNAT-LAS, and youth coordinator are represented by the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, and seven additional members.

(f) Choose the District Conference representatives in accordance with Article 13(2) C.

(g) Create the aforementioned subcommittees:

(i) Professional development and education;

(ii) Payscales and Job Conditions;

(iii) Finance and Management

(iv) Social, political, and gender issues

(v) Youth Committee

(vi) The Ad-hoc Committee as required.


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