Chaos erupts at University of Ghana’s General Assembly Elections as students snatch ballot box [video]

Chaos broke out during the University of Ghana’s General Assembly Elections on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

Some University of Ghana students were seen fighting during the election in a video posted by Univers TV and seen by

The chaotic scenario at Mensah Sarbah Hall, where the election was held, can be seen in the widely shared video as some students resorted to grabbing the voting booth.

The election was suspended by the EC as a result of the students’ disruptive behaviour, which included not only seizing the ballot box but also acting violently by assaulting people and damaging the tables and chairs that were used during the event.

Concerns about how the SRC general secretary’s actions contributed to the disarray were expressed in a statement by the EC.

The general secretary allegedly tried to interfere with the EC’s constitutional rights and obligations in holding elections, which put the organization’s independence in jeopardy, according to the statement.

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“The General Secretary’s unconstitutional attempt to usurp the powers of the Electoral Commission caused tremendous tension in the House, and this is what has led the Commission to call off the election in the interest of peace, order, and tranquillity,” the EC said in its statement without specific details regarding the actions of the general secretary.

Meanwhile, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has strongly condemned the incident, labelling it as disheartening.

“The Executive Council of the UGSRC write this communiqué with deep regret and disappointment regarding the recent incident that took place during our scheduled election for the Speaker position,” the statement said. “It is disheartening to acknowledge the chaos and acts of violence that transpired, resulting in harm to individuals and property damage, the SRC statement stated.”

The SRC apologised to those who were inconvenienced by the disruption but promised to hold accountable anyone found at fault.

Watch the video below;


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