Candidates will choose 11 schools instead of 6 under the new GES school selection procedure

In order to address issues with self-placement as well as other issues associated with the release of placements, the GES is introducing a new school selection procedure that will allow candidates to choose up to 11 schools instead of 6 using two distinct forms.

Parents are unsure about what to do as the BECE’s 2023 School Selection round has been suspended. This site can confirm, however, that the GES will suspend the school selection process for candidates in order to implement a new system that will address, among other things, self-placement issues.

The school selection brochure was also removed from the internet by the GES.

GES is reportedly changing the existing school selection form, according to our sources. The new form will have two sections that are intended to make choosing a second-cycle school simple and straightforward.

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The new Free SHS selection form will be divided into the following two components:

  1. The form for choosing a first placement school
  2. The form for choosing a second placement school

Which school selection form is used for first placement?

The first placement school selection form resembles the one that is currently in use quite a bit. The candidates will need to identify six schools they want to be taken into consideration for during placement.

What is the 2nd placement school

selection form?

This second form seeks to address problems with self-placement. The second placement school selection form will ask candidates to choose up to five more institutions.

Candidates will select 11 schools instead of 6 in 2023 if this new system is adopted.

An officer of the GES stated this in an interview given to Academicweek. Considering the

The first placement school selection form, which asks students to choose six schools, and the second placement school selection form, which asks them to choose five schools, are the two components of the new schools’ selection form.

The GES has not yet publicly addressed the recent development.

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