8 Ways to Fix crashing Whatsapp on your iPhone

Does WhatsApp consistently crash on your iPhone? You won’t need to worry since we will show you how to fix this problem. The most popular messaging program in the world, WhatsApp, transmits thousands of texts every minute.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that iPhone owners occasionally run into crashing problems. Nevertheless, a few WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business customers have claimed that this issue recurs often. If this describes you, keep reading to learn how to stop WhatsApp from crashing on your iPhone.

How to stop Whatsapp on your iPhone from crashing

  • Verify the internet connection

It’s advisable to overcome the most typical barrier—poor internet connectivity—before we get too technical. There is a good chance that internet outages will keep WhatsApp from connecting to the server. Therefore, ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

  • See if the WhatsApp server is unavailable

If WhatsApp is being maintained, you could experience some difficulties using the app. In this instance, though, the business plans an announcement for every social media site, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Browse the aforementioned channels for any recently posted information or announcements.

  • WhatsApp update

A long period of time without an update will inevitably result in a glitchy, unusable app. Thus, it is strongly suggested that you update WhatsApp frequently.

  • iOS version update

The system as a whole is old even though there is a good likelihood that the app won’t be impacted at all.

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  • Increase iPhone storage capacity

The regular use of the iPhone may cause it to use up all of the allocated storage, which may significantly slow down your smartphone. You may, however, take the required safeguards to stop your iPhone’s RAM from accumulating. This safety measure will maintain the functionality of your iPhone and keep apps like WhatsApp functioning.

  • Reinstall the application

If you don’t want to get too technical, deleting the app from your iPhone can also be a good alternative.

  • Reboot iPhone

Sometimes a straightforward strategy will work wonders. Simply restart your iPhone if none of the aforementioned fix’s work for you.

  • Communicate with WhatsApp support

It’s time to get in touch with WhatsApp customer care if the issue continues. They are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to identify the issue and offer a rapid fix. Simply access the customer service section of the WhatsApp website. There will be a box for communication that you can utilize to speak with someone from their customer service department and request assistance.


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