6 Signs Your Man is Hiding Something From You

We have outlined signs that show that your man is hiding something from you. Cheating extends beyond simply having an extramarital affair; it also involves crossing the limits that have been established and that define your relationship. Because they think women are too emotional and they don’t want to harm them, most guys have a practice of lying to their partners about situations. However, they forget that nothing hurts a woman more than knowing her man is lying to her. 

These are clues that your partner is keeping something from you:

1. He Stop Answering Calls in Front of You: One of the biggest clues that your man may be keeping something from you is the way he acts in your presence. If you’ve noticed that your man has been acting strangely lately, such as walking away from you to answer a call or avoiding answering calls but texting the person instead, it’s time to have a talk with him to find out what he’s hiding.

2. He is Protective of His Phone: When men have secrets they’re trying to hide from you, they often become protective of their phones. He no longer feels at ease leaving his phone at home and takes it with him everywhere, even to the loo. You can tell a man is hiding anything from you when he starts risking his life to safeguard his phone. Additionally, you see him flipping his phone over on a table or other surface to hide the screen from view when you approach him.

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3. Whenever you ask him a question, he freaks out: A man who has nothing to conceal will gladly answer your questions because he wants you to be clear-headed, while a man who does have something to hide will get quite uncomfortable if you ask him any questions. He’ll get you into a fight and make you regret asking in the first place. It’s an indication that can’t be disregarded.

4. In Reply to Questions, He Provides Extra Details: Another way to tell whether someone is hiding something from you is to see how he reacts to your questioning. He will include more details to make the story seem more plausible if he is hiding something from you. When we lie, it’s in our inclination to provide extraneous details to support our tale, so it’s crucial that you pay attention to how he responds to your queries.

5. He Begins Being Too Kind: Another clue that your partner is keeping something from you is if he acts overly kind. When someone is guilty of anything, they typically try to cheer themselves up by showing additional kindness to the person they offended. It goes without saying that you want your partner to treat you well, but you need to notice if he starts being really kind all of a sudden.

6. He is Acting Distant: This is another typical indicator that your partner is trying to hide something from you. When a relationship starts to have problems, individuals typically try to pull away from the person we love because we are concealing something. Your partner may be concealing something from you if you notice that he is attempting to separate himself and suddenly wants more privacy.

It is likely that he is concealing anything from you if you observe two or more of these indicators in your relationship.

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