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10 Essential Facts About Money You Should Know

Due to bad money management, the majority of people experience financial hardships as a result of having inadequate financial education. The majority of people today are drowning in debt from unpaid loans.

Here are ten sage financial proverbs you should be aware of;

1. Lend your money and lose your friend. –William Caxton

2. Interest on debt grows without rain. – Yiddish

3. Never spend money before you have it. – Unknown

4. Spending is quick; earning is slow. – Russian

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5. A penny saved is a penny earned. – George Herbert

6. Save for a rainy day. – Aesop

7. A fool and his money are soon parted. – Dr. John Bridges

8. Creditors have better memories than debtors. – Ben Franklin

9. If you buy what you don’t need, you steal from yourself. – Swedish

10. Rather go to bed supper less than rise in debt. – Ben Franklin

Remember these astute proverbs always.

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