The world is coming to an end; Check out the Hotel where people check-in to commit suicide [VIDEO]

A hotel company named Red Roof Inn which provide hospitality services with the objective of serving wide range of customers around the world has opened a brand-new suite where people around the world can check-in to commit suicide.

Red Roof Inn is an American economy hotel chain in the United States. Mostly in the Midwest, South, and East of the United States, Red Roof has approximately 600 properties worldwide. Hotels in the Red Roof Inn network allow pets.

In 1973, the first Red Roof Inn opened its doors in Columbus, Ohio. American entrepreneur and owner of a racing team for cars Jim Trueman founded it.Trueman passed away in 1986. For 8 years following his passing, the Trueman family kept ownership of the business. Red Roof Inns’ initial logo, used between 1973 and 2004

In 1994, Red Roof was bought by The Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund from the Truemans. With their first franchised store in Branson, Missouri, they started franchising the business in 1997. French hospitality management company Accor acquired the business from the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund in 1999. The Red Roof Inn has 324 sites and 37,208 rooms at the time of the acquisition.

For $1.115 billion, Accor, a company that controlled several hotel brands, including Motel 6, bought the Red Roof Inn. The acquisition made Accor the third-largest chain of guestrooms globally at the time.

Red Roof Inns were sold by Accor for $1.3 billion to Citigroup Global Special Situations Group and Westbridge Hospitality Fund LP in April 2007. Some sites were changed over to Motel 6, Accor’s other North American brand, as part of the deal. After the sale was completed, Accor intended to concentrate all of its efforts on the Motel 6 brand in the North American lodging sector. The franchise unit was transferred to a different business company, Red Roof franchise, LLC, following the sale to Accor.

The world is coming to an end; Check out the Hotel where people check-in to commit suicide

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International Development 

In September 2015, Red Roof established its first overseas outlet in Brazil. Following the launch of the hotel in Curitiba, Brazil, a second hotel in Vitoria, Brazil, which opened in April 2016 in collaboration with the country’s Nobile Hotels, followed. Over the course of the next 25 years, Red Roof Franchising, LLC and Nobile intend to establish 35 to 40 hotels throughout Brazil. Red Roof expanded into Japan in July 2016 by opening a hotel in Osaka’s Namba district.

Red Roof intended to launch a number of brand-new hotels in popular tourist areas all around Thailand in collaboration with Paragon Hotels. Since then, the arrangement has not come to pass. The hotel chain plans to expand the brand beginning with a site in Calgary, Alberta, in partnership with FANS International Hospitality Group. This is the first of several hotels in Canada that will be renovated over the next five years.


The Red Roof Inn has four (4) brands which are;

  • Red Roof Inn
  • Red Roof PLUS+
  • The Red Collection
  • HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof

Work of Hotels

The main function of hotels is to give travellers a place to stay, food to eat, refreshment to drink, and other such services and goods. They do this by commercially providing items that are often furnished in homes but not available to those travelling away from home.

The world is coming to an end; Check out the Hotel where people check-in to commit suicide

Red Roof Inn Suicide Suite

The typical place to stay while having fun on vacation is a hotel. But they might also be the places where people pass away. It’s much more common than you’d expect for someone to pass away while staying in a hotel room, whether they do so by suicide, murder, or natural causes. Most hotels avoid discussing fatalities that have occurred on their grounds in order to preserve their reputation, but that has not been the case of Red Roof Inn.

The charge for its newly created suite which allows people to commit suicide is $39.99 for a guest in a room.  In a video, Marcia Connelly, hospitality director at Red Roof Inn, gave details of how the suite operates. The suite has a hanging rope, different types of knives, poisonous chemicals, and a 9mm pistol loaded with bullets which will help in committing the suicide which they termed as “perfect death.”

Watch video below for more details;

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