Man digs friend’s grave after he failed to settle his debt before dying [video]

A man who, in our opinion, is experiencing financial difficulties did the unimaginable when he invaded the grave of a friend who had died away and exhumed his body.

In the viral video’s accompanying narration, the man asserts that he struck a million-dollar business deal with the deceased.

He went on to say that his friend had defrauded him of his 2 million dollar share.

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The irate guy said that despite his death, he had pursued him for his portion of the money and that he had still refused to give it to him.

In a video posted online, the young man was seen going to his friend’s grave while carrying a shovel and was heard stating:“Azaman, you get mind die with my 2 million dollars. Why you no die that time wey I dey suffer”

Watch the video below;

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