Is it constitutionally required for Teachers to renew NTC license using CPD Allowance?

In recent years, Ghana has made significant strides in ensuring the professional development and accountability of its teachers through the National Teaching Council (NTC) approach to teacher license renewal. However, a contentious issue has emerged, questioning whether it is constitutionally necessary for teachers to use Continuing Professional Development (CPD) allowances to pay for their NTC license renewal. This debate touches on fundamental aspects of constitutional rights, professional responsibilities, and the broader goals of Ghana’s education system.

The Constitutional Perspective

At the heart of this debate is whether the requirement for teachers to use CPD allowances to fund their NTC license renewal is in line with Ghana’s constitution. Article 25(1) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana guarantees every citizen the “right to equal educational opportunities.” Proponents argue that forcing teachers to use CPD allowances for this purpose can be seen as a limitation of this right, as it could potentially hinder their access to continuing education.

The Professional Responsibility Aspect

On the other hand, proponents of the NTC approach argue that the obligation to renew teaching licenses is an integral part of the professional responsibility of educators. Just as other professionals are expected to invest in their professional development, teachers should contribute to the enhancement of their own skills and knowledge to ensure that they provide the best education to Ghana’s youth. From this perspective, using CPD allowances for license renewal is a reasonable expectation of the profession.

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Balancing Interests

Finding a balance between constitutional rights and professional responsibility is paramount in this debate. Teachers, like any other professionals, deserve the opportunity to access professional development without undue financial burden. However, it is also vital to maintain the high standards of education in Ghana by ensuring that educators are committed to continuous improvement.

Potential Solutions

1. Government Support: One possible solution is for the government to provide financial support or subsidies for teachers to cover the costs associated with NTC license renewal. This would help alleviate the financial burden on educators while ensuring that they remain professionally accountable.

2. Flexible Payment Options: Another approach could involve offering flexible payment options for license renewal, allowing teachers to pay in installments or over an extended period, thus reducing the immediate financial strain.

3. Improved CPD Opportunities: Enhancing the quality and accessibility of CPD opportunities could help teachers make the most of their CPD allowances, ensuring that their investments directly benefit their professional growth.


The debate over whether it is constitutionally necessary for teachers in Ghana to use CPD allowances to pay for NTC license renewal highlights the need for a balanced and equitable solution. It is crucial to respect teachers’ constitutional rights while upholding the professional standards and accountability necessary for a high-quality education system. Striking this balance will not only benefit educators but, ultimately, the future of Ghana’s education and the nation’s development as a whole.

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